Thursday, March 1, 2012


Went took the train from Zaandam to Amsterdam yesterday. We decided that we should visit a museum and chose the Heritage Museum and saw Rubens,Van Dyck,and Jordaens.
We now know where the term Rubenesque came from... :)
It was fun and paintings were amazing. I got in trouble for getting too close to the paintings and Dean was told not too video tape inside the museum...:)
The Van Gogh Museum was closed so we couldn't go there this time.
We spent the rest of the day walking around drinking coffee and shopping. Later in the evening we met another friend for drinks and had cheese fondue for good! A little stroll through the red light district,bought some Dutch fries and took the train back.

This house is in Zaandam and is famous because Monet painted it...the blue house. They are going to paint in blue again...
It was overcast day...just like Seattle...but it didn't rain.
We are flying to Africa in a few hours...a long day.
It will be hard to leave the Huib Hotel...for the Label Tent...


  1. Hi Jana: Thanks for all the amazing pictures. How fun to see... I guess the next pictures you post will be lions and tigers! It snowed here, so you are not missing any great weather. Be safe. Miss you....

  2. Jana I was waiting for the SA ( still alive) e-mail but the blog is so much better. Can't wait for your next entry from Africa. - Andy

  3. Jana, your pictures are great! I can't wait to see more. Miss you . . .