Tuesday, March 13, 2012

beach bums

White sand,aqua blue water,grass shacks,fresh fish,local fruit...pretty wonderful!
Yesterday we went snorkeling which was very fun...the best I've ever done...so many fish and beautiful coral. It is very hot and humid here so we are feeling pretty lazy this morning...but when the tide goes out a little bit more we are going for a long beach walk. There are lots of locals fishing in their old wood boats and collecting clams which adds to the exotic feel.

The power goes out every night here so it has been quite interesting. It's great when your eating dinner on the beach by candle light but not so good when the fan stops working in your bungalow... :)

Tomorrow we head back to Stone Town for one more night and then take the ferry to Dar es Salaam and then fly to Joburg. I really like Stone Town so I'm excitied to go back there. Narrow streets,very old stone buildings,great architecture,etc... I ran out of shampoo and am looking forward to washing my hair there...the shampoo is too expensive in Zanibar...I am looking very much like a bum...a curly mop!

Our hotel has internet right on the beach ... a treat!

Dean is arranging to get our flat tire fixed so we can leave in the morning...it's Africa man...

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