Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Camping in Kruger

We are having a great time in Kruger Park. The landscape is so beautiful!
It has been fun having our own car and getting really close to the animals! We have seen almost all the animals on our list but we are still looking for a cheetah..
The park consists of many safari camps all connected with paved and dirt roads. We have been traveling to many of the different camps and setting up our tent and spending the night. The campers in South Africa go all out and have quite the set up…they even have microwaves.
For dinner Dean gathered wood, we started a fire, boiled water in our little pan ,and made our instant mashed potatoes. Then a friendly camper came over and told us that each campground comes with a kitchen which has boiling hot water and burners … :) Very fancy…it has come in handy when we make our coffee in the morning!

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  1. Hi Jana: You look pretty good for camping...earrings and all :o) Again,the pictures are amazing; hyena's are kinda scarry though! The time you've been gone has sure flown by, but you are greatly missed.