Thursday, March 8, 2012

Amsterdam to Arusha

It was a long flight from Amsterdam to Dar es Salaam but we made it. It was pretty easy to get a taxi to the bus station...we had a very nice taxi driver who helped us get our tickets and even walked us to the bus.We were so thankful for him because I can't even begin to describe how crazy what they call a bus station was.
The bus ride was 10 hours of bumping and me staring out the windows looking at the sights of everyday life...everything I thought I would see and more... Every time we would stop all the vendors would run up and try to sell us things from our windows. My favorite was a long stick with ears of roasted corn attached to looked just like a palm tree.

In Arusha we got a taxi ride from Dean's new friend Mr. Moody to the Masaii Camp where we quickly pitched our tent because it was getting dark. The camp is quite cute with a rustic bar and eating area. There are hot showers and toilets with toilet paper... :)

The first night in the bar we met a girl from Gig Harbor and she is building a lodge in the area... too funny! She had connections and helped us book a 4 day-3 night safari with her friends. They arranged for a land rover,driver,cook,food and food for the two of was nice to have a personal touch..even vegetarian for Dean.

The first day Mr. Moody took us into town so Dean could get a haircut from a local barber...which was quite the experience. He took out his razor and sheared Dean like a sheep leaving only a little hair on top...something was lost in translation... I did freak out a little yelling stop not so short...but it was too late. I'm starting to get used to it know that Dean's head is starting to tan.

For some reason the mosquito's are not biting me at all but Dean is getting eaten alive...too weird but I'm fine with it... :)

Sorry my pictures are out of order but I'm working on it... I'll save the safari for another was awesome!!!

I am loving much to say that I can't even put it in words.
Dean is smiling inside!! :)


  1. Hi Jana: Great to hear from you. Lots of people at work have been asking if we've heard from you. Your accomadations are just what we expected :o) and I see you've even acquired a funny. Love all the pictures, so keep them coming when you can. Miss you...

  2. Hi Jana, It's so good to hear from you again. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time - it will be fun to hear of all your adventures. Wow! Keep in touch as you can - I love your pictures even if they aren't in order. Thinking of you . . .