Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Arrived in Holland safely and are having's so nice to see everyone again.
I took one picture of Zaandam right before my camera's battery died...I thought I had charged it... Today we are taking the train to Amsterdam and going to a new museum and walking around the city. I better rally and take one of my last hot showers...


  1. Hi: Glad to hear you arrived safely and what an awesome picture. I'm not surprised on the camera battery :o) Looking forward to checking back on your adventure. Have fun!

  2. Hi - it's good to hear from you! I miss you already! Have a wonderful time on your adventure and keep us posted as often as you can. Wishing you the best . . .

  3. Oops ...... It's Jill, Amy and me (Kay) here at work! It's snowing here - crazy! I couldn't remember my Google account so had to post using yours. Lots of cute clothes coming in - Amy is taking them all:-) !