Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Our bags are packed...we're ready to go!
Let the Adventure Begin!

Getaway with Jana and Dean Itinerary

2-27 Monday Fly to Amsterdam
2-28 Tuesday Arrive
2-29 Wednesday Amsterdam
3-01 Thursday Fly to Dar Es Salaam
3-02 Friday Arrive

3-02 Friday Bus to Arusha –Find Campsite
Maisi Camp
3-03 Saturday Camp
3-04 Sunday Camp
3-05 Monday Safari
3-06 Tuesday Safari
3-07 Wednesday Safari
3-08 Thursday Camp
3-09 Friday Fly to Zanzibar

3-10 Saturday Zanzibar
Narrow Street Hotel
3-11 Sunday Zanzibar
3-12 Monday Zanzibar
3-13 Tuesday Zanzibar
3-14 Wednesday Zanzibar
3-15 Thursday Ferry from Zanzibar to Dar Es Salaam
Fly from Dar Es Salaam to Johannesburg
3-16 Friday Rent car and drive to Kruger Safari Camp (5hrs)
3-17 Saturday Kruger
3-18 Sunday Kruger
3-19 Monday Kruger
3-20 Tuesday Kruger
3-21 Wednesday Kruger

3-22 Thursday Fly to Cape Town
Rent a Car
3-23 Friday Drive to George
3-24 Saturday George
3-25 Sunday George
3-26 Monday George
3-27 Tuesday White Shark
3-28 Wednesday Cape Town
3-29 Thursday Cape Town
3-30 Friday Cape Town
3-31 Saturday Cape Town

4-01 Sunday Fly from Cape Town to New Delhi
4-02 Monday Delhi
Hotel Delhi City Center
4-03 Tuesday Delhi (Hotel Delhi)
4-04 Wednesday Delhi (Hotel Delhi)
4-05 Thursday Agra (train)
4-06 Friday Jaipur (train)
Hotel Shalimar
4-07 Saturday Jaipur-Hotel Shalimar
4-08 Sunday Jaipur-Hotel Shalimar
4-09 Monday Jaisalmer (train)
Hotel Renuka
4-10 Tuesday Jaisalmer
4-11 Wednesday Jaisalmer
4-12 Thursday Jaisalmer
4-13 Friday Jodpur (train)
Ganesham Guest House
4-14 Saturday Jodpur

4-15 Sunday Fly from Jodpur to Mumbai
4-16 Monday Mumbai
4-17 Tuesday Mumbai
4-18 Wednesday Mumbai

4-19 Thursday Fly From Mumbai to Khajuraho

4-20 Friday Tiger Park
4-21 Saturday Tiger Park
4-22 Sunday Fly from Khajuraho to Goa

4-23 Monday Arrive in Goa
Banyan Tree Hotel
4-24 Tuesday Goa
4-25 Wednesday Goa-Banyan Tree Hotel
4-26 Thursday Goa
4-27 Friday Goa
4-28 Saturday Goa
4-29 Sunday Goa
4-30 Monday Fly from Goa to Mumbai
5-01 Tuesday Jana: Fly from Mumbai to Seattle (Emirates)
5-17 Thursday Dean: Fly from Bangkok to Los Angeles

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