Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Arrived in Holland safely and are having's so nice to see everyone again.
I took one picture of Zaandam right before my camera's battery died...I thought I had charged it... Today we are taking the train to Amsterdam and going to a new museum and walking around the city. I better rally and take one of my last hot showers...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Our bags are packed...we're ready to go!
Let the Adventure Begin!

Getaway with Jana and Dean Itinerary

2-27 Monday Fly to Amsterdam
2-28 Tuesday Arrive
2-29 Wednesday Amsterdam
3-01 Thursday Fly to Dar Es Salaam
3-02 Friday Arrive

3-02 Friday Bus to Arusha –Find Campsite
Maisi Camp
3-03 Saturday Camp
3-04 Sunday Camp
3-05 Monday Safari
3-06 Tuesday Safari
3-07 Wednesday Safari
3-08 Thursday Camp
3-09 Friday Fly to Zanzibar

3-10 Saturday Zanzibar
Narrow Street Hotel
3-11 Sunday Zanzibar
3-12 Monday Zanzibar
3-13 Tuesday Zanzibar
3-14 Wednesday Zanzibar
3-15 Thursday Ferry from Zanzibar to Dar Es Salaam
Fly from Dar Es Salaam to Johannesburg
3-16 Friday Rent car and drive to Kruger Safari Camp (5hrs)
3-17 Saturday Kruger
3-18 Sunday Kruger
3-19 Monday Kruger
3-20 Tuesday Kruger
3-21 Wednesday Kruger

3-22 Thursday Fly to Cape Town
Rent a Car
3-23 Friday Drive to George
3-24 Saturday George
3-25 Sunday George
3-26 Monday George
3-27 Tuesday White Shark
3-28 Wednesday Cape Town
3-29 Thursday Cape Town
3-30 Friday Cape Town
3-31 Saturday Cape Town

4-01 Sunday Fly from Cape Town to New Delhi
4-02 Monday Delhi
Hotel Delhi City Center
4-03 Tuesday Delhi (Hotel Delhi)
4-04 Wednesday Delhi (Hotel Delhi)
4-05 Thursday Agra (train)
4-06 Friday Jaipur (train)
Hotel Shalimar
4-07 Saturday Jaipur-Hotel Shalimar
4-08 Sunday Jaipur-Hotel Shalimar
4-09 Monday Jaisalmer (train)
Hotel Renuka
4-10 Tuesday Jaisalmer
4-11 Wednesday Jaisalmer
4-12 Thursday Jaisalmer
4-13 Friday Jodpur (train)
Ganesham Guest House
4-14 Saturday Jodpur

4-15 Sunday Fly from Jodpur to Mumbai
4-16 Monday Mumbai
4-17 Tuesday Mumbai
4-18 Wednesday Mumbai

4-19 Thursday Fly From Mumbai to Khajuraho

4-20 Friday Tiger Park
4-21 Saturday Tiger Park
4-22 Sunday Fly from Khajuraho to Goa

4-23 Monday Arrive in Goa
Banyan Tree Hotel
4-24 Tuesday Goa
4-25 Wednesday Goa-Banyan Tree Hotel
4-26 Thursday Goa
4-27 Friday Goa
4-28 Saturday Goa
4-29 Sunday Goa
4-30 Monday Fly from Goa to Mumbai
5-01 Tuesday Jana: Fly from Mumbai to Seattle (Emirates)
5-17 Thursday Dean: Fly from Bangkok to Los Angeles

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pack Rat...

I've been trying to figure out how many clothes I can take on this adventure. The pack is full already and I still need to add quite a few more important underwear... :)
The sleeping bag is taking up valuable clothing space...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Married Adventure
The story begins...
It all started a year ago when I saw a picture of this book cover on a blog. Just for fun I printed it and gave it to Dean for an anniversary present. Dean and I love to travel and go to exotic places so it seemed to sum up our relationship perfectly...and it was written by Osa Johnson in maiden name happens to be Johnson...
The story continues...
My friend Rhonda Addison created a series of birthstone crown pictures and I was patiently waiting to see what she would do for May which is my birthday month. When I saw her picture I was so excited and couldn't believe it. She had placed the crown filled with emeralds on top of the book "I Married Adventure" and titled it Unmeasurable Love.

I searched the book on-line and found that it was popular in the 1940's to give as a wedding present. I knew then that I needed to find a vintage copy of this book.

The story continues...
A few months later I was visiting my mother-in-law and I looked up on the top shelf of her bookcase and there was a copy of the book. I couldn't believe it and asked her if I could borrow it because I was dying to read it...who am I kidding I asked if I could have it...:) was destiny!

I quickly read this fascinating book about Martin and Osa Johnson who travel to Africa and the South Seas during the early 1900's. They documented their travels my making movies and writing books. It totally inspired Dean and I to keep on traveling!

The story continues...
I had just finished the book and was telling my friend about it. We switched the topic to how cute her new denim coat was and she told me she just got it at a new store called Martin and Osa....once again I couldn't believe it!

Dean and I made a trip to Bellevue Square to visit the store and the clothes were cute but I was hoping the store would be decorated with vintage travel pictures,memorabilia, etc... but I did buy this t-shirt...someday it will make a cute pillow for our travel themed bedroom...
Stayed tuned for more Adventures of Jana and Dean!