Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This place is absolutely crazy!!! It's all we expected but much much more. Just walking down the street you are surrounded by rickshaws,taxi's,motorbikes,tuk-tuks,bikes,cows,goats,dogs... with poop from all,garbage,bricks,dirt,touters(people trying to sell you something or anything),food vendors,rotting food,smells-good and bad...,and tons of people. Wait we forgot to mention all the Horn's blaring...
The women are all wearing very beautiful sari's which add a splash of color to this chaos.
We've seen it all and are somewhat overwhelmed....
Dean's simple description..., "HOLY CRAP!!"
We are taking the train to Agra tomorrow to see the Taj...which we are looking forward to.


  1. Wow, the pictures look a little stressful. How was the Taj? Are you counting down yet? Three more weeks!!! Thanks for answering my email, as was great to hear from you.

  2. Are we going to start selling Sari's at Joyworks? : )

    Love you, hope you are having a great time and can't wait to hear about it all! Stay safe!


  3. Wow, just looked through your photos and they are incredible!!! Looks like you are having the trip of a lifetime! Enjoy the rest of your journey:)

  4. Jana, Jill just told me you have this whole other blog! I spent the last half hour catching up. :) I knew you were going to Africa, but I didn't know you were also visiting India. Too cool! It's is like being in another world!
    You should buy some Sari fabric to make pillows for Joyworks. Have you seen any homes? Mothers use sari's hanging in a loop from the ceiling to cradle babies- no cribs!

  5. Oh, also, you are going to LOVE Goa. I was in the state of Kerala, just south of Goa. Get an Ayurvedic massage while you are there!